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 why should you play the server?

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PostSubject: why should you play the server?   Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:27 pm

why should you play the new 317 server?

here are the reason's why you should,

Great staff + OWNER
Great economy
great players
great playert support

When you join... you might think wow slow xp this blows,
but if you go deeper in-side this server
i bet you will like it!

All skills are even working on this,
all skills are train-able
so YOU wont get bored of skilling + pking.

The economy is not too hard and not too easy.
actually when you get good drops from pking YOU wont let them lay down there,
you will loot becaus the price of the items [to sell it pirat ].

If you join you will see the are not many players....
but this server is FRESH we are getting players soon enough by advertising, vids and much more.
This is a great place to stay + pkay when more players come

The player support is very good,
our staff-members are very active in: player reports, account problems and more
when you need help we are very soon at you

This owner .: wolf :. is a very good coder + owner
he's very nice to all players

i hope to see you joining this server soon enough

i r4ng3 pk i
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PostSubject: Re: why should you play the server?   Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:23 pm

Wow. Your right nice and cool post. I hope you become Moderator soon.
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why should you play the server?
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